Friday, September 26, 2014

FIve for Friday {September 26, 2014}

Five for Friday... on FRIDAY!

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1.  We learned about animals this week. I'm currently LOVE give kids labels to make their own graphic organizers on fun construction paper. Way more fun than printed organizers.

2. We started our interactive word work notebooks this week. I'm SO excited. I am working on each week as a go. When I'm all done I'll post it for you guys!!

3. We discussed the importance of being problem solvers NOT problem keepers. In five weeks, they have really started testing their problem solving skills and getting creative. I have SUCH a good bunch this year.

4. I solved a three year dilemma ... storing/display/maintaining posters. I laminated important posters (the doubles rap, blends chart, writing process, etc.) and hole punched them. They can be on rings on my white board OR the back of my closet door! I'm SO pumped about this system. I hate rolling posters. Hopefully I keep loving it.

5. We started math stations this week! They rotated through the Weekly 4 and LOVED it. They also thought it was the coolest thing that their names were on the task cards.... hehe only a few figured out that I made them myself! Click HERE to grab a copy for yourself. Click HERE to read about the Weekly 4.

I hope everyone has wonderful weekends planned to enjoy this nice weather (at least it is nice in PA)! I plan to complete a 9 mile run to prepare for an upcoming half marathon, eat some recently made cake balls (the 9 miles off sets that I will be eating multiple), and grade a huge stack of papers while watching chick flicks.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014



PTL. It is Friday. I'm so excited my good friend, Vanessa, is coming for a visit! Together, we are traveling to see one of our friends and celebrate her recent marriage! #late20sfun

Currently, I am anxiously waiting for her arrival so we can go get dinner and begin a weekend of catching up. While I wait, I decided to see if I could put up my 5 for Friday in under 10 minutes! Ahh. Here we go! (It is Sunday.. my photo uploading took tooooo long. We had a wonderful weekend though!)

1. My bucket was filled! I got another flower from a student on Monday and I had a wonderful time with my handsome man this weekend.

2. I made flash cards to correlate with Rocket Math and all the letters A-Z for both addition and subtraction. My kids LOVE them. They are in my Rocket Math crate with my assessment sheets. The kids grab their new flash cards when they get a new goal. Click HERE to grab them.

3. I started math stations this week. I copied and laminated two sets so two partners can work at the station at once. Click HERE to see how I run my stations. Click HERE to grab these task cards.

4. I continued my First Six Weeks character education and classroom culture building with a mini Kevin Henkes unit and learning about the golden rule. Grab it HERE.

5. We started our life science unit and this week was all about plants. I typed up these quick labels and the kids made diagrams about plants. We also investigated seeds and checked out what was inside kidney beans and lima beans. They LOVE science.

Happy teaching!!

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Peek at my Week {math}

I'm linking with Mrs. Wills for Peek at my Week. I am working towards having visual plans for all subjects, but for this week I started with my math plans.

Here is a peek at my math plans with clickable links. Please leave a comment below if you download my plans.

I'm implementing The Weekly 4 Math Stations in my classroom this week. Read more HERE.

We are continuing our understanding addition topic and reviewing addition skills.

Click HERE to download my math plans for the week.

Click HERE for rocket math flash cards.

Click HERE for addition puzzles.

Click HERE for task cards.

Click HERE for a FREE math game!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!
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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Weekly Five for Friday


I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share five things from this week... on Saturday... oops, I missed Friday again. Maybe next week I'll have time to post on Friday. We shall see. Anyway, here is my five! Enjoy!

I got flowers for a very sweet student! He brought them in Monday and said, "I missed you!" Oh how I love my job.

We started learning how to Read to Someone this week! The kiddos are in love. We also practiced checking for understanding and building stamina. This is one of my favorite activities to watch students complete.

We completed our first social studies unit with a Flat Stanley project to bring it all together. I can't wait for my kiddos to get their Flat Stanley projects back in the mail! Click HERE for the resource I used.

We continued our first six weeks character education. Click HERE for the resource which plans out all six weeks. I used my Something Beautiful character education mini unit this week to discuss self esteem. They LOVED it! Click HERE to grab it.


We worked hard on writing this week and are beginning to practice small moments stories. I was so proud of my students Friday when they shared their hard work during Author's Chair. I have some great writers this year.
Hope you have a wonderful week as well! Click the button up top to link up too!

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P.S. I love Krista Wallden (the background & stars) and her wonderful graphics. Click HERE to get your own.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Five for Friday Link up!


I'm excited to participate in another link up! This time I'll be linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share five things that have happened this week. Click the picture above to check out everyone else and what they have been up to!

1. On Tuesday, we decorated our word work notebooks with stickers! This kids LOVED it!

2. I completed the first week of character education with my students! Click HERE to grab your own set of posters and more.

3. We build stamina for Daily 5 Read to Self. They are working hard to get to 25 minutes! We're getting close!!

4. I decided on an easy format for my lesson plans! I'm really excited about it. I also finalized my instruction schedule for the school year.

5. I completed my favorite project yet! 11 addition math puzzles aligned to common core to use during math stations for the first semester of school! Click HERE to grab it yourself!!

Hope you link up too!!

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Math Stations

So I've been trying to decide the best way to utilize math stations in second grade without piling up my work load. I've decided to do something similar to Daily 5 and Math Daily 3, but with my own twist. Here is the foundation of my 2nd grade math stations:

Weekly 4 Math Stations

Math Puzzles
Math Games
Math Task Cards
Math Facts

Each child will do one of the weekly 4 each day. I will keep the same activity in the tub for two weeks. Because the general activity stays the same, but the content or rigor changes it will be easy for students to transition to a new 2 week cycle without spending a lot of time on procedures and directions for each center.

For math puzzles, I created this awesome resource which I will use through December. Then I plan to make a complementary product using subtraction. Click the picture or grab it HERE!

I created 11 math puzzles, one for each number 10-20. They have to decide if the math fact is less than, more than, or equal to the given number. I also included math talk cards for students to practice using academic language.

Here is how I am going to use this product in my classroom! I'm SO excited to start on Monday.

Here are all my supplies (this is a black and white product so we don't kill our color ink supply, just pick some fun colored paper).

Make sure you write the puzzle number on the back of your math fact cards incase the kiddos mix them up (and you know they will haha).

I grabbed this cute school themed cardstock on clearance and knew I'd find something fun to do with it. I used it as the background for the math talk cards that I am going to post above this center to use all year long.

You can always use new containers! I've been dying to have a good reason to buy these square containers and my math stations were the ticket (you know that the store I went to only have one of the particular size I wanted... I got one and am hoping they get more in stock haha). I'm taping the directions on top of the container as they will stay the same all year, but the rigor of the puzzle will change.

Here is my first puzzle laminated and cut out! It literally only took me 5 minutes to get it ready!

Look how nice it looks all put away! #happyteacher

Be on the look out for the other math stations! I'll keep you posted on how I use it in my classroom. If you have great ideas for math stations leave a link in the comments below and I'll check it out!
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