Sunday, September 13, 2015

The time they thought I was still an elementary student...

Okay. So I'm 27.... but I look young. I just didn't realize how young until last year our school-wide composite came back.

Sooooooo the company that puts together school-wide composites made a tiny mistake. Yep, my picture landed alphabetically in the student portion of our school-wide composite, not in the teacher section which leads me to another funny moment with my darling second graders.

Fast forward to this school year. >>>>>>>

We are standing in line near the school-wide composite. This is how the conversation went down.

Student A (very concerned), "Miss W. where is your picture?"

Me, "Oh, I look young and so the people who created that thought I was a student. *I point to my picture among the students* It is okay though because it is a good thing to look young."

Student B (in a serious and comforting voice), "Yep, you're right. That means your youth isn't behind you yet."

#stillgotmyyouth #whenwillitbebehindme #ilovemyjob

Kids are seriously the best. I am so blessed to "have my youth" and LOVE my job. I smile, laugh, and am loved everyday! Have a great week!

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