Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Karate Kid

We are in the second week of school and I am really enjoying getting to know my new second graders. One of my students... For his security we will call him A...wanted to share his role in the community (yep started our first social studies unit).

He wrote: I take karate (Visualize a matching illustration of him kicking.)

A, "Look Miss W. I drew myself doing a kick (he told me the specific move as well as demonstrated it, but I've forgotten the name between my pile of paperwork and drive home)"
Me, "Very interesting... You forgot punctuation (always thinking like a teacher)."

Fast forward 20 minutes to dismissal... We are walking to the buses.

A, "Miss W. If you came to my house sometime I could teach you karate moves."
Me, "Oh, that is really nice of you A."
A, "Yeah, and I even have a white striped belt that I earned so when I earn my next belt and you get the moves right you can have my old belt."
Me, "That's very generous of you."
A, "Yep. We can do that with all my belts when I think you've mastered the moves. I could teach you karate."

I'll keep you posted on my karate lessons from an 8 year old. I'm sure I'll be a black belt in no time. 😜 #kidshavethebiggesthearts

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