Monday, July 13, 2015

Academic Learning Schedule

Over the last few years I have found that having a regular, structured schedule everyday is extremely helpful with the culture of my classroom. When students know what to expect in their daily schedule, they are able to focus on rigorous learning standards. As for me, I LOVE schedules. I like to do lists. I like to know what is happening for the day. It makes planning easier, teaching more enjoyable, and the day runs smoothly. So, as I get back into blogging - it has been toooooo long - I thought I would share my academic learning schedule with you! I always enjoy seeing how different teachers get creative with curriculum and find ways to fit everything into a short day. Over the next few weeks, I will post about each element of our school day. More specifically I will be sharing curriculum, management strategies, and other ideas!

8:45-9:10am - Students arrive, eat breakfast, and complete five spiraled, common core math problems. Early finishers go book shopping, finish writing pieces, take AR quizzes, and read silently.

9:10-9:30am - We quickly check their morning work (common core math review), complete calendar, and transition into our classroom morning meeting. Our meeting consists of four elements: greeting, share, activity, and message.

9:30-11:40am - LITERACY BLOCK
  • Reading Workshop {mini lesson, work time/conferencing, share}
  • Word Study
  • Writing Workshop {mini lesson, work time/conferencing, share}
11:40-12:10pm - Lunch

12:10-12:40pm - No new instruction is a time in the day where students practice previous content and skills, receive remediation, or additional instruction based on individual needs.

12:40-1:10pm - Recess

1:10-1:20pm - Drinks/Restroom

1:20-2:00pm - Specials {art, music, physical education, health, library}

2:00-2:45pm - MATH WORKSHOP {mini lesson, work time/conferencing/differentiated stations, share}

2:45-3:15pm - SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES {topic alternates based on long term curriculum plan}

3:15-3:25pm - Students pack up to go home, complete their behavior log, receive papers, complete unfinished work, and earn addition "morning meeting" activity time.

3:25-3:30pm - Dismissal

Let the back to school countdown begin.... {HOW IS IT HALF WAY THROUGH SUMMER!?}

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