Friday, January 9, 2015

How-to Writing!

Here is a quick snapshot of things that have happened since my last blog post (SO LONG AGO)....

1. I made my first official sale for my cake pop business: A Baker's Dozen!

2. I earned my masters in curriculum and instruction!!!!!!!!!

3. I made my niece this adorable head band, adding to my crochet skills.

4. I started on one of my new years resolutions (I will cook one new meal a month all year).
Doesn't this loaded baked potato soup in a homemade bread bowl make your mouth water????

I also made some other resolutions.... exercise more, read my bible, oh AND blog at least 1x a week!!

Now that you've seen what I've been up to at home, here is a peek into my classroom now that we are back at school after a wonderful, long, delicious, relaxing, amazing break.... why did it end so soon?

1. We started our How-to Writing! We did some research this week and learned how to make delicious hot chocolate! If you want to see the resource I am using, check HERE!!

 2. We started our nonfiction reading unit. The kiddos looked for nonfiction text features and starting building schema folders for our nonfiction writing.

3. I completed two AWESOME, you-can't-live-without-them writing resource packs! They have writing paper - just print and use - graphic organizer, writing prompts, engaging projects and so much more! Check out some of the things below. Click HERE to grab the how-to pack and HERE for informational writing.

*My kiddos are going to be doing a research writing project about animals. The informational pack has graphic organizers and research organizers to help them write amazing nonfiction books!

 *My kiddos are LOVING how-to. Who wouldn't when you get to make hot chocolate in class!!... AND the teacher spoils you with LOTS of whipped cream. We researched how-to books, we wrote a class story, and we learned our first important mini lesson: How-to writers put their steps in order!

*I just sent home our family cookbook project. Each child is going to make their favorite recipe with their family, write down the recipe and return it to school. We will compile all the recipes and I'll make a copy for everyone to keep! I'm so excited. If you want a copy for your class, click on the how-to pack above.

It has been a SNOWY and COLD first week back, but I'm excited to dive into learning the second half of the year! If you are working on how-to writing, send me a link to your post or products and I'll check them out!
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