Sunday, September 21, 2014



PTL. It is Friday. I'm so excited my good friend, Vanessa, is coming for a visit! Together, we are traveling to see one of our friends and celebrate her recent marriage! #late20sfun

Currently, I am anxiously waiting for her arrival so we can go get dinner and begin a weekend of catching up. While I wait, I decided to see if I could put up my 5 for Friday in under 10 minutes! Ahh. Here we go! (It is Sunday.. my photo uploading took tooooo long. We had a wonderful weekend though!)

1. My bucket was filled! I got another flower from a student on Monday and I had a wonderful time with my handsome man this weekend.

2. I made flash cards to correlate with Rocket Math and all the letters A-Z for both addition and subtraction. My kids LOVE them. They are in my Rocket Math crate with my assessment sheets. The kids grab their new flash cards when they get a new goal. Click HERE to grab them.

3. I started math stations this week. I copied and laminated two sets so two partners can work at the station at once. Click HERE to see how I run my stations. Click HERE to grab these task cards.

4. I continued my First Six Weeks character education and classroom culture building with a mini Kevin Henkes unit and learning about the golden rule. Grab it HERE.

5. We started our life science unit and this week was all about plants. I typed up these quick labels and the kids made diagrams about plants. We also investigated seeds and checked out what was inside kidney beans and lima beans. They LOVE science.

Happy teaching!!

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