Sunday, August 31, 2014

First Week Pictures

I survived my first week teaching second grade! I have decided the following things about my 2nd graders:

-they talk A LOT
-they are ready to learn
-they are just like my wonderful first graders I left at the end of the year
-it is going to be a GREAT year and I think I'm in love with 2nd grade already

Here is my first week in pictures! Click to grab the activity.

I added the final touches to my classroom.

I was spoiled on the first day with some yummy treats and bath and body works ( the caramel corn was almost gone by Friday)!!

We made a community bunting. This was their desk activity the first day they arrived.
Grab it here or here.

I decided on a new bathroom procedure (this is the first year I don't have one in my classroom). If they want to use the restroom (when I'm not teaching) they grab a boy or girl cup and put it on their desk. They also sign out. This way I know which student is in the restroom, there is only one boy or girl at a time, and I have a list of students who have used the restroom that day if there is a problem. So far it is working great.

We read the book First Day Jitters during writer's workshop time the first day and I modeled my writing expectations. The second day when they arrived, they completed their project.
Grab this project here.
Translation: "I did not have jitters! I was more than excited than any other person in the universe!"

We started right into our word study curriculum. We reviewed short vowel sounds and we created a graph to remember that every word has at least one vowel.
Grab short vowel activities (including the graphing activity) here.

I also started incorporating some of my mentor texts for upcoming writing and reading workshop lessons. This is a fantastic book to teach responsibility, practice retelling, AND reuse as a mentor text during small moments writing.
We had a busy first week of learning procedures, pre-assessing knowledge, and starting curriculum! I hope everyone else had a wonderful first week.
Happy Labor Day!

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