Thursday, August 7, 2014

Day 18: I've planned my first six weeks! Well sort of!

Hello friends! Thank you for stopping by. Guess what?! Today I was able to plan my first six weeks of character education and classroom community building. This is my best project yet!

Here is a peak!!! (Click the picture to grab one for yourself!!)

So I have a binder that I keep all the activities I use for the first six weeks. It was looking pretty raggedy (as was my planning binder), so I gave them a makeover today (Thank you mom for the color ink!). In the process, I created this product to go along with the two great books pictured below.

Here is a look at my fancy binders.

But the best part isn't the outside of the binder, but all the greatness stored inside. You see, I choose my read alouds for the first six weeks, my character education theme, created a poster for each theme, a writing prompt for each theme, ANDDDDDD (yes there is more) I created morning meeting greeting and activity cards for each week (with needed resources provided in the pack) that can be used all year long!! Needless to say, I'm pretty pumped. On top of that, for the first week, I created a parent survey and child survey as well as a pretty version of the "All About Me" bag.

You can see a sneak peak of the activities above. Click the picture to see more at my TpT store. I hope you check it out! It also aligns nicely with my Back to School Mega Pack and my Mini Character Education Unit If you have a cool way of planning for the first six weeks of school leave a link to your blog in the comments and I'll check it out!

Happy planning and happy almost Friday to those headed to work tomorrow!!

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P.S. I'm headed to a wedding this weekend with the boyfriend so I'll catch you up on Sunday! :)

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