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Hello! It is book talk Tuesday! I'm so excited to share my latest project with you!

So I'm working at Sonlight Child Learning Center for the summer (I've been coming back for many years because I LOVE the people and the CHILDREN!). Anyway, I was with the Pre-k kids today and the director told me I could plan something fun for them to do if I wanted. Of course I jumped on the opportunity. I choose to do a mini character education lesson.

First, I looked through all my favorite read aloud books and picked a book I thought they would love and learn from. I chose Something Beautiful by Sharon Dennis Wyeth. IT IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES! (click the picture to grab on Amazon)

The book teaches students about being good citizens, self-esteem, and empathy. It reminds the reader that they are something beautiful. Something that when you have it, your heart is happy. Because I was in pre-k, I focused on the letter B, reading the word beautiful, and the lesson that they are something beautiful.

We took a picture walk and made predictions. Then I introduced the book vocabulary (beautiful, launderette, and courtyard). After that, we look at the word beautiful and made a list of other words that also start with the letter b (we started with their classmates). Finally, I read the story and allowed them to share the reading when I came to the word beautiful.

They loved the story!

After reading, we made a list of the things we thought were beautiful. Here is it!

One little darling even said, "When my dad gets off of work in time to come to my soccer game, it makes my heart happy. So that is something beautiful!"

They just melt your heart -- it really was "something beautiful".

Next we worked on our handwriting. I didn't grab a picture of their precious handwriting, but this is the page we used.

Finally, I let them create a self-portrait because they are all SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL!

Look how cute this one is!!!

I'm so excited to share with you the Character Education Mini Unit I created to go with the book Something Beautiful. This book teaches citizenship, self-esteem, and empathy (caring). It would be an excellent first six weeks unit or could be used as the monthly character education theme.

Character Education Vocabulary
Character Education Vocabulary Cards for Word Wall
Story Vocabulary
Story Vocabulary Cards for Word Wall
Handwriting and Sight Word Practice for the Letter B and Word Beautiful
Synonyms Graphic Organizer for Beautiful
Cut and Paste Words for Synonyms Graphic Organizer (for differentiation)
My Something Beautiful Picture Organizer
My Something Beautiful Writing Prompt
I'm Something Beautiful because... Writing Prompt
10 Reasons Why I'm Something Beautiful
I'm Something Beautiful Portrait Paper Craftivity

All the activities are ready to use, just print and copy! Great for back to school.

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