Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday: The CAFE Book

Summer is almost over. AH! Where did the time go?

Okay, it is book talk Tuesday and I want to share an awesome resource with you!

The CAFE Book is written by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser ("The Sisters"). They are also the authors of The Daily 5. I've been a supporter and user of The Daily 5 for the last two years and decided I wanted to take it to the next level when I start my year in second grade.

This book will help focus my reading instruction, engage students in active learning, and take my reading workshop to the next level. If you haven't read The Daily 5 or The Café Book - they are a must read.

This book breaks down different reading strategies into four categories for students (and teachers ;) ): comprehension, accuracy, fluency, expanding vocabulary. Then it gives specific examples of what strategies students should learn to improve in these four areas. The book provides all the materials references, or you can find loads on TpT or Pinterest.

Now that I know how to spice things up with Power Point, I created these fun posters to use for my CAFE Menu instead of the ones provided. Click the link to grab and enjoy yourself.


My new goal is to create a four week unit for the beginning of the year encompassing the following:
*The Daily 5 Procedures
*The Café Menu Procedures
*Character Education/Classroom Community Building
*Read Alouds, Activity Pages, & any other materials listed in ONE place!!

Think I can do it? Let's see what the next 38 days bring!!

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