Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"Workin' on it Wednesday"

I'm linking up with Kindergals again for "Workin' on it Wednesday".

Last week a gave you a preview of some projects I am working on. This week, I wanted to share with you the project that I finished.

This summer, I am tutoring a child who just finished kindergarten. This child needs review in number recognition (11-20), addition skills, blending and segmenting words, and guided reading lessons. I decided that the summer tutoring experience should be fun! Sooooo.....

I created this awesome Tutoring Toolkit! Everything you need to tutor a child going from kindergarten to first. It would be a great resource for summer school, beginning of the year review, or kindergarten centers. It is also printer friendly if you cannot use a school printer (not an extreme amount of color ink required).

Reading & Language Arts Materials:

3 Fountas and Pinnell Sight Words Based Assessments (25 words, 50 words, & 100 words)

Roll & Read: Blank Sheet for Differentiation

Roll & Read: Fry’s Phrases (10 Mats)

Reading Comprehension Cube

Reading Log

Word Study Ship Craftivity: Digraph /sh/

Word Study Chick Craftivity: Digraph /ch/

CVC Word Study Picture Cards

Elkonin boxes & Suggested CVC Word List (covers short vowels, digraphs, & blends)

Other Materials:

Activity Recording Calendar (Blank)

10 Week Instructional Plan

Math Materials:

Numbers 1-20 Writing & Counting Pre & Post Assessment Based on CCSS

Candyland: Numbers Gameboard & Directions (2 variations)

Candyland: Number Recognition Game Cards

Candyland: Addition within 10 Game Cards & Flash Cards

(print the addition within 10 Game Cards on cardstock or laminate for easy flash cards)

Bingo: Number Recognition (4 different bingo cards)

Bingo: Number Recognition Cards

Numbers 1-10 Work Mat

Numbers 11-20 Work Mat

So here is how I'm using the tutoring toolkit...

I printed the toolkit and put the activities in sleeves, laminated the bingo cards and CVC words, and printed game cards on cardstock. I collected my manipulatives to use. I have adorable farm animal counters, a basket with felt for rolling number cubes, connecting cubes, and base ten blocks. Also, I created addition jenga. Buy a cheap jenga set at the dollar store and write addition facts on the blocks. Students have to solve the blocks to build the tower, then they get to play jenga.

Then I organized all the activities into a binder. This way it is all in one place and easy to take along.

Finally, I put it all in my 31 utility tote with extra room for other supplies that I might decide to use and I have easy access to all the resources.

As I get ready to go on vacation for two-weeks, I'm glad I have my tutoring bag packed and ready to go for my return.

Speaking of my vacation --- I'm in the Charlotte Airport right now! Mississippi bound!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. You look like you have everything perfectly organized. I'm tutoring too. I'm doing some guided reading groups at my daughters' daycare to help get the kiddos entering kinder ready for school. They are soooo excited.

    1. Thanks KaSandra! Good luck with your kiddos this summer!

  2. Great organization! I'm sure you will have one happy kid! Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks! I'm enjoying linking up with other great teachers so thank you!!

  3. Wow. The kit looks amazing. Hope you have a great time tutoring- that's a lucky kid.
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