Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Purple Minions

Two days stand between me and summer break. Two days people.

My students used to be sweet and darling first graders. In the last 24 hours they have become unrecognizable, out of control, and slightly sugar crazy. Yes, they have become the purple minions.

 Before they would sit quietly and wait for directions. Now they cannot contain their excitement over anything!

Until today, they quietly waited during bus call and dutifully cleaned up the classroom. Not today, I collected scraps of paper, pushed in chairs, and rescued crayons from the sweeper.

Normally the last child leaves and I quickly get started on the mountains of work I have (some how always waiting for me no matter how early I come before school or late I stay), but today I sat. I stared at the mountain of work and decided that I would take down posters and border instead.

>>>>>Okay... maybe that's why my mountain of work is always there....

Fortunately though, there are only three hours tomorrow morning and my purple minions will begin their summer vacation to return next fall as sweet and darling second graders.

I have had a great group of students this year, but I absolutely love one of my girls. I know, I know, you are not supposed to have favorites, but Magdalen tells me I'm beautiful everyday (even when I'm makeup-less and my hair is a mess). She goes on and on about loving school AND she specifically asked for a large packet of work for the summer. She is every teacher's dream student: responsible, respectful, smart, loves to learn, hard working, and so much more.

So as I started to think about what do give her for the summer, I did my usual TPT search: "end of year", "summer packet" etc. Nothing interesting/in my price range came up so I decided to take on the project. Yep, the last week of school, but I got it done!

Here is a sneak peek. If you are looking for something standards based, this covers all the first grade math common core standards and also is summery and fun! Click the picture to grab it.

I hope that I have a "Magdalen" every year that I teach. She inspires me and reminds me why I love teaching. Hope your purple minions start vacation soon!

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