Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Reader Challenge - Are you up for it?


Hello! Thanks for stopping at my blog. You are probably wondering what your challenge is and what the prize might be. Well here is the scoop...

I want to kick on my Freebie Friday with a reader challenge. If you (the readers) can complete the challenge by Friday, I'll do my absolute best to upload something free for your each Friday this summer.

Here is the challenge >>>>>>>>

If I get 10 new followers on TPT OR 10 new feedback votes on TPT (it can be on a free product, you just have to download it) OR 10 new followers on bloglovin' I will upload this very cute roll and cover for you!

Currently I have 4 followers on TPT, 2 feedback votes, and 3 followers on bloglovin'. In order to win, I need to have at least 14 followers on TPT, or 12 feedback votes, or 13 followers on bloglovin' by Friday. If you are already following me, leave your email below and I'll send you your free roll and cover!

Here are the quick links to help you with your challenge.

To follow me, click "follow" under my picture on my TPT store.
(if the link doesn't work, search "Katie Waddell" to find my store)

To leave me feedback, download one of my awesome free products (or buy one haha) and rate it under product details. Here are my free resources:
>>>>You could download each item. Leave feedback on each item. Then you would be earning 4 points towards the challenge! If three people do this, the reader challenge would be complete!>>>>

To follow me on bloglovin' click the button "Follow me on bloglovin" at the top right side of my blog. Bloglovin' is like pinteresting your favorite blogs. I love following awesome blogs and having a place to easily find them.

Teacher friends I need your help! Good luck! Friday will be here quick. Eek!
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P.S. Thank you to my dear friends who have already followed me on TPT, left feedback, bought products, and/or follow me on bloglovin' or google+!

P.S.S. If the challenge is completed, I'll upload your FREE summer roll and cover on my blog and TPT store on Saturday!

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