Monday, June 9, 2014

Packing, Unpacking, and More Packing

Year three of teaching is in the books. Next year, I will be teaching second grade at the other elementary school in the district. So you guessed it, I've been packing. Taping boxes. Labeling boxes. Carrying boxes. How does one collect SO MUCH STUFF after just three years of teaching?

>>>>yes I got carried away with the tape>>>>

Now that I have completed boxing all my worldly "teaching" goods. I have to start packing up my actual goods as I am moving houses at the beginning of July. To keep or not to keep will be the question. Yes, I need every pair of shoes. No Yes, I want every duplicate dish. Okay, I'm taking everything. How does a 25 year old collect SO MUCH STUFF?

While packing for my big move, I'll also be packing into a tiny suitcase all the things I need for a two week trip to visit Teach for America friends. We are hanging out, going to the beach, going out on the town, and visiting the city. I need a variety of options obviously. How do I fit all my beautiful, necessary clothes/shoes/etc. crap into one suitcase for TWO WEEKS?

I've got quite the unpacking dilemma ahead of me. Worst than packing, is unpacking. It is grueling. Unpacking a classroom and finding a good place to store everything is a week's adventure at least. Unpacking a house means that I will be cleaning it first (which is even worse than unpacking). When you arrive home from a long trip, the last thing you want to do is unpack, but it is inevitable that you will at some point need your toothbrush so you have no choice.

To help organize my classroom supplies for next year, I created these cute labels (30 in all) that go with my bright classroom colors. You can click the picture to grab them for free:
I'm going cut them out and use packing tape to secure them to clear containers that fit in my classroom cupboards.

My next chore and my weekly goal >>>>since on I'm a packing/unpacking streak>>>> it to unpack the second grade common core. I've been through the process with first grade, but now that I'm a second grade teacher (whoa, reality just hit me) I need to know second grade standards like the back of my hand. No time like to present to get started!

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