Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"Workin' on it Wednesday"

I'm linking up with Kindergals again for "Workin' on it Wednesday".

Last week a gave you a preview of some projects I am working on. This week, I wanted to share with you the project that I finished.

This summer, I am tutoring a child who just finished kindergarten. This child needs review in number recognition (11-20), addition skills, blending and segmenting words, and guided reading lessons. I decided that the summer tutoring experience should be fun! Sooooo.....

I created this awesome Tutoring Toolkit! Everything you need to tutor a child going from kindergarten to first. It would be a great resource for summer school, beginning of the year review, or kindergarten centers. It is also printer friendly if you cannot use a school printer (not an extreme amount of color ink required).

Reading & Language Arts Materials:

3 Fountas and Pinnell Sight Words Based Assessments (25 words, 50 words, & 100 words)

Roll & Read: Blank Sheet for Differentiation

Roll & Read: Fry’s Phrases (10 Mats)

Reading Comprehension Cube

Reading Log

Word Study Ship Craftivity: Digraph /sh/

Word Study Chick Craftivity: Digraph /ch/

CVC Word Study Picture Cards

Elkonin boxes & Suggested CVC Word List (covers short vowels, digraphs, & blends)

Other Materials:

Activity Recording Calendar (Blank)

10 Week Instructional Plan

Math Materials:

Numbers 1-20 Writing & Counting Pre & Post Assessment Based on CCSS

Candyland: Numbers Gameboard & Directions (2 variations)

Candyland: Number Recognition Game Cards

Candyland: Addition within 10 Game Cards & Flash Cards

(print the addition within 10 Game Cards on cardstock or laminate for easy flash cards)

Bingo: Number Recognition (4 different bingo cards)

Bingo: Number Recognition Cards

Numbers 1-10 Work Mat

Numbers 11-20 Work Mat

So here is how I'm using the tutoring toolkit...

I printed the toolkit and put the activities in sleeves, laminated the bingo cards and CVC words, and printed game cards on cardstock. I collected my manipulatives to use. I have adorable farm animal counters, a basket with felt for rolling number cubes, connecting cubes, and base ten blocks. Also, I created addition jenga. Buy a cheap jenga set at the dollar store and write addition facts on the blocks. Students have to solve the blocks to build the tower, then they get to play jenga.

Then I organized all the activities into a binder. This way it is all in one place and easy to take along.

Finally, I put it all in my 31 utility tote with extra room for other supplies that I might decide to use and I have easy access to all the resources.

As I get ready to go on vacation for two-weeks, I'm glad I have my tutoring bag packed and ready to go for my return.

Speaking of my vacation --- I'm in the Charlotte Airport right now! Mississippi bound!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you link up too! Click the button to see what other great teachers are working on!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday!

It's Tuesday and I'm linking up with Deanna Jump to talk about books. Last week I shared a handful of my favorite books. This week I'm going to share one book and different ways you can use it in your classroom during the first six weeks of school (Yes, can you believe I'm already thinking about heading back to school?!).

One of my favorite authors and illustrators is Audrey Wood (she also wrote The Napping House). She wrote a book called Rude Giants. >>>click the picture to grab the book on amazon<<<

This book is about two rude giants who stumble upon a milk maid and her cow. The giants want to eat the milk maid's cow, but the she insists they have to have a clean house to enjoy the meal. It continues with the milk maid slowly teaching them all kinds of manners. At the end, the Giants decide it wouldn't be right to eat her cow.

The kids think the book is SO funny, but it also opens an opportunity for several things:

-Discussion on classroom norms
-Discussion on classroom manners
-Discussion on why manners are important
-Book connections with other Audrey Wood books

Throughout the year, I continue to go back to this book because the children are always asking me to read it again. When I reread it, I use it as an opportunity to connect with the reading strategy we may be learning (making inferences, connections, retelling, etc.) I even bought a second copy because it was such a hit in the classroom library.

I always teach a poem of the week for shared reading. I try to connect the poem to what we are learning in science, social studies, or themes. At the beginning of school, I use a lot of character education poems. I could not find the author of this popular poem, but here is the poem!

If you would like a copy of the poem, leave your email address in the comments and I'll send it to you!

 I have students glue the poem into the left side of their notebook and respond to the poem on the right side of the notebook. Depending on the age of the student, they can respond with pictures or words. Usually for this activity, I let the students draw a picture modeling good manners in the classroom and emphasize adding labels. They use their poetry notebook during daily 5 for the rest of the year going back to this familiar read (and the other poems we learn) to build fluency!

I'm looking forward to reading everyone else's link up posts! To link up, click the picture below.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Reader's Challenge: Results!

It is a beautiful summer day today. I wanted to share with you the reader's challenge results and thank you for participating!

My goal was 10 more followers on bloglovin', 10 more followers on TpT, and/OR 10 feedback votes on TpT products.

Thanks to my wonderful readers - YOU - these are the results:

1 new follower on bloglovin'
5 more followers on TpT
5 more feedback votes on TpT

Although it isn't 10 in one area, it makes 11 total so I've uploaded my first "Friday Freebie" item (I realize it is Sunday, but I'll try to upload on Fridays this summer).

Hope you enjoy and please take time to leave quick feedback on this free product. Check back on Friday for another great product. Thanks!

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P.S. Happy Father's Day!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

My "Works in Progress"

As a new blogger, I'm having a lot of fun in linking up with others. I'm linking up with KinderGals...a day late, but better late than never right?

First, it would be helpful to know some of my summer projects (for school):
-prepare tutoring binder
-unpack 2nd grade common core standards
-create a information reading and writing unit
-read the Café book
-create Freebie Friday give away products
-upload more on TpT

So what am I working on this week? Well...

First, I helped my district write the first grade math curriculum guide to go along with our new common core aligned program. I finished today!

Then, I started unpacking the standards, but...

I decided to bake a treat, Butterfinger brownies...YUM!

Next, I started my information reading and writing unit... but then I decided to watch a movie. The cover page looks pretty good though ;) !

After that, I got sucked into blog hopping and reading about what all the great teachers out there are doing! I'm newly inspired and plan to finish the 2nd grade "I can" statements tonight! Wish me luck!
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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Reader Challenge - Are you up for it?


Hello! Thanks for stopping at my blog. You are probably wondering what your challenge is and what the prize might be. Well here is the scoop...

I want to kick on my Freebie Friday with a reader challenge. If you (the readers) can complete the challenge by Friday, I'll do my absolute best to upload something free for your each Friday this summer.

Here is the challenge >>>>>>>>

If I get 10 new followers on TPT OR 10 new feedback votes on TPT (it can be on a free product, you just have to download it) OR 10 new followers on bloglovin' I will upload this very cute roll and cover for you!

Currently I have 4 followers on TPT, 2 feedback votes, and 3 followers on bloglovin'. In order to win, I need to have at least 14 followers on TPT, or 12 feedback votes, or 13 followers on bloglovin' by Friday. If you are already following me, leave your email below and I'll send you your free roll and cover!

Here are the quick links to help you with your challenge.

To follow me, click "follow" under my picture on my TPT store.
(if the link doesn't work, search "Katie Waddell" to find my store)

To leave me feedback, download one of my awesome free products (or buy one haha) and rate it under product details. Here are my free resources:
>>>>You could download each item. Leave feedback on each item. Then you would be earning 4 points towards the challenge! If three people do this, the reader challenge would be complete!>>>>

To follow me on bloglovin' click the button "Follow me on bloglovin" at the top right side of my blog. Bloglovin' is like pinteresting your favorite blogs. I love following awesome blogs and having a place to easily find them.

Teacher friends I need your help! Good luck! Friday will be here quick. Eek!
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P.S. Thank you to my dear friends who have already followed me on TPT, left feedback, bought products, and/or follow me on bloglovin' or google+!

P.S.S. If the challenge is completed, I'll upload your FREE summer roll and cover on my blog and TPT store on Saturday!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Name a great book...GO!

I decided to link up with Deanna Jump again! She is always doing great things on her blog. Click the picture below to check it out.

She asked readers to post their favorite children's book in the comments section. Choosing just one favorite is hard! I have multiple favorite authors: Mo Willems, David Shannon, Doreen Cronin, and more. I'm also a collector of books. My mom was recently teasing me about my ability to go into a book store and just "hang out" in the kids section looking at books (it's true, I could kill hours). So I decided to name some (I couldn't choose just one) great children's books and how I use them in the classroom. Feel free to leave comments about other great children's books! I'd love to add to my growing collection!! ;)

1. Voice and Fluency >>> If you are looking to teach voice, look to Mo Williams. My first graders LOVED reading his books taking turns being characters and adding voice to make it interesting. It also helped build fluency. Here are some great Elephant and Piggie must-haves:


2. Persuasive Writing >>>> The art of persuasion has not been mastered by Pigeon, but kids can really see different strategies to incorporate into their writing. Not only do the students love these books, but they are a great teaching tool. (After you start your collection, you can even do an author study on Mo Williams!)

3. Making inferences & Text-to-Text Connections >>> David Shannon's books about David are a great way to teach inferences. There are not a lot of words, but all your students can generally relate to David's problems. He has so many good books, students can start to build text-to-text connections as well. Other greats include: Alice the Fairy, Pirates Don't Change Diapers, and A Bad Case of the Stripes.
4. Character Education >>>> There are so many good books out there which teach character education during this school year. These books can become familiar reads for your students to build fluency as well as for you to build teaching concepts with. Here are some of my favorites.
>>>>If you have never read or do not own Something Beautiful by Sharon Dennis Wyeth it is the BEST book and so powerful! Go buy it, you won't regret it! Click the cover to go to amazon.>>>>
Now you know some of my favorite children's books (that is just the tip of the iceberg), leave your favorite books in the comment section below and/or link up! Just click the graphic at the top of the page to join.

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